About Us

K9-INDIGO® takes pride in enlightening clients with the best holistic solutions for you and your dog. We train the dog and the handler to secure your position as the pack leader. K9-INDIGO'S modern techniques and one-command method provides the perfect balanced relationship to enjoy man’s best friend.

K9-INDIGO’S®  mission is to assist and improve humanity by providing hands-on knowledge and solutions for humans and their companions one family at time.

Owner/Head Trainer Indigo Will


A born humanitarian with a strong spiritual upbringing, Indigo began to intuitively communicate with animals at age 6. Indigo began to show an amazing ability to convey what animals were feeling and thinking. Highly gifted and intuitive, Indigo connects the subconscious and conscious bringing balance to the handler/dog relationship.

Indigo has worked with accomplished dog trainers and personal mentors since the age of thirteen. Since then, Indigo has assisted humans with learning how to understand, interact with, and train their dogs.


Indigo channels energy to provide the perfect customized package for clients. his own techniques crafted with his personal holistic philosophy on dog training and behavior modification. Indigo has worked with hundreds of dogs throughout the country volunteering, apprenticing, and assisting humans to learn the way balance with dog training.  

An intuitive animal communicator, trainer,  behavior specialist, as well as Life Coach, Indigo continues to commit countless hours providing clients with the most modern and holistic approach to dog training and behavior modification.

We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone. All payments are non-refundable.